who we are

Tony Hansen - Owner


Tony is the founder and creative force behind Abode. He feels as if he's always been building and creating. His grandfather, a Norwegian fisherman from the 'old country', taught him that things made by hand have a great and lasting value, and that it is good to make due with what you have. From Legos and Lincoln Logs to cardboard forts and salvaged wood tree houses, Tony had the desire and freedom to imagine and build it. Today, as a builder and designer, he feels privileged to be creating, working with his hands, making due, and dreaming up the next great project. Creating a life that balances family, work and other interests is very important. To that end, Tony volunteers as a youth sports coach and carves out time to run, backpack, swim, sea-kayak,  and read a good novel.


Dan Allison - Project Lead

Dan is a 3rd generation Ballard native, and building is in his blood. His grandfather built over twelve houses in Ballard. Real houses, not the "Old Ballard" fisherman's shack. His father was a marine engineer who always came up with elegant solutions to the toughest of problems. Dan is cut from the same cloth - he welcomes and tackles any challenge and is passionate about building efficiently and smarter. When not hard at work on various construction projects, Dan can be found spending time with his family, skiing, sailing, or reading.


Jon Evans - Lead Carpenter


Jon Evans brings a youthful spirit to Abode. He is intelligent, inquisitive and thoughtful. Jon demands excellence and brings that fire and passion to every job. He is also a 3rd generation Ballard native and maintains strong ties to the community. Outside the world of construction, Jon enjoys hanging out with his family, playing competitive soccer, gourmet cooking, reading, and watching classic cinema.